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The shopping cart portion of our web site requires that cookies are enabled. You have been redirected to this page for one of these two reasons:

1. You are using a browser that supports cookies, but cookies are disabled:
You may be using a browser that does support cookies, such as Internet Explorer, but you have cookies disabled. Setting up your browser to accept cookies is easy, once you have located the cookie-settings in your browser preferences. Please refer to this Browser Configuration Guide for instructions on how to locate and configure your browser preferences to accept cookies. Once you have enabled cookies, you may continue to the URL you requested or return to the previous page.

2. Your browser does not support cookies:
If you are using a browser that does not support cookies, such as Mosaic or Lynx, cookie-capable browsers are available free from Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple, and other companies.

If you cannot enable cookies or use a browser that supports cookies, feel free to place an order offline with us. More ordering information is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does this system use cookies?

In this system, cookies are used to make the shopping cart work. They allow a persistent shopping cart, so you don't lose items as you navigate through our site. Cookies are required for you to go through the check out process without losing information.

What are cookies exactly?

Cookies are a general mechanism which server-side connections (such as CGI scripts) can use to both store and retrieve information on the client side of the connection. The addition of a simple, persistent, client-side state significantly extends the capabilities of Web-based client/server applications.

A browser will not give up its cookie data to any server except the one that set it. The data stored in a cookie is typically something like a record of pages traversed, items to be purchased, or preferences such as language and currency. They are used to make the browsing experience better for site visitors